Angela Hoodie Jacket


Our popular Hoodie Jacket is back by popular demand!

This year, we decided to name it after ANGELA DAVIS (1944-present). She was a political activist + in the 1960s she joined the Che-Lumumba Club - an all-black wing of the Communist Party.

For 40 years (between the 1960s to 2000s), ANGELA kept herself busy by being a part of the civil rights movement, being a member of the Black Panthers + was twice a candidate for Vice President of the Communist Party Ticket. But the best part - at one point - she was on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List! Talk about ruffling feathers by speaking your truth!

ANGELA was incarcerated in 1970 for 16 months because of her involvement to free her fellow Black Panthers, the Soledad Brothers.

From that experience, ANGELA has dedicated her life to dismantling the prison industrial complex in the US (where they ficus on incarceration rather than rehabilitation).

Just like our Sister, ANGELA, this jacket is badass. It will bring you comfort when you're feeling blue as she feels like a soft, warm hug! She is also down for anything. A walk to the park? Groceries? A robe for bedtime? Out for a nice dinner + dancing? Sure! Layer her over faux leather leggings + top. ANGELA can do everything + so can you...


Bamboo 70% | Organic Cotton 30%

Washing Instructions:
Wash + dry on delicate cycle

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