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2" Necklace Extender - Gold-Filled


Need a little more love in your length? Our gold fill extender is here for you. Simply attach the clasp of the extender to one side and the opposite end to the necklace clasp. Adds up to 2 inches in length.

  • This bracelet is Handmade with Love in Dallas, Texas
  • 2" extender, 3" in total length
  • 14k gold-filled chain and finishes


Gold-filled metal is a new kind of metal, being a blend of pure gold and other types of metal. The outer layer of gold filled jewelry consists entirely of pure gold. In this aspect gold filled metal is totally different from gold covered metal.  Whereas gold covers tend to wear out with time, the outer layers can easily be scratched off and reveal the non-precious base metal, gold filled jewelry is very durable and has a thick layer than can never flake off. The gold covered jewelry are made out of a variety of base metals, those base metals can have harmful effects and cause severe skin allergies. Gold filled metal, however, is perfectly safe and completely allergy free.  Gold filled metal is very easy to work with, to bend and shape into different sizes and forms. This is the main reason why it has become so popular in the jewelry industry all over the world. 

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