Meet the Truck, Greta the Grumman!

Vancouver Fashion Truck

Greta is a 1997 Grumman Olson Stepvan, measuring a lofty 8' wide and 24' long (and then add another 5' once we've got her all set up)! In her previous life she was a newspaper delivery truck, we know, sooo not as fun as her life is now!! We got the keys in 2016 and then in early 2017 we retrofitted her in to a trendy and modern women's clothing shop on wheels with a chic, boho Cali vibe. Complete with bright white shiplap walls, contrasting black steel hardware, a big roomy circular change room, a cute jute welcome rug and of course our signature VFT cactus! Her favourite thing to do is show off her shiny watercolour exterior and pink wheels as she cruises to her next market, festival, pop up or shopping party! 

She loves being able to cruise around and set up within the entire Lower Mainland. That is the beauty of the truck. We come to YOU. Shopping comes to YOU. Carving out time to shop for yourself can be hard, especially if you are a mom, a busy working boss lady, and especially hard if you are both!! 

Check out our Book The Truck Packages and contact us to book the truck! Send us an email at and we can get all the details sorted!

Vancouver Fashion Truck 

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