Meet Greta the Grumman!

I never thought I would EVER be driving a 24' long truck retrofitted in to a trendy and modern women's clothing shop with a big roomy change room, but what I've learned so far in this lifetime is NEVER say NEVER! It's so much fun to drive this truck up to markets, festivals, people's houses and to other businesses for pop up shops. What is the most fun is popping up during YOUR lunch hour so you can shop on the job. Score!

I love being able to serve the entire Lower Mainland and to not be in the same place every day. That is the beauty of a Fashion Truck. This truck comes to YOU. Shopping comes to YOU. Carving out time to shop for yourself can be hard, especially if you are a mom, a busy working boss lady, and especially hard if you are both!! 

Contact us to book the truck for a shopping party at your house, or for shopping at your workplace during your lunch or after the workday. Just shoot us an email at and we'll get all the details sorted!

(P.S. - isn't Greta a beauty? She's a 1997 Grumman Olson Step Van who has had a complete beauty makeover, inside and out!)


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