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Please see our updated COVID-19 Communicable Disease Plan below so we can continue to keep everyone safe, comfortable + healthy as we navigate Phase 3!

Updated July 1, 2021: 

~ we will continue to wear a protective mask during your private shopping appointment and during local pick ups.

~ it is highly recommended for you to also wear a mask during your private shopping appointment, and if you would like to receive help from our staff and you aren't wearing one we will kindly ask you to put one on. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you.

~ wearing a mask for local pick up is optional but if you decide to stay + shop and want help from our staff we will kindly ask you to put one on. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you.

~ hand sanitizer station at front entrance for you to use upon entering and exiting our store.

~ barrier will stay up at cash desk and we ask that you stand in front of it and not to the side of it when completing your transaction.

~ all high touch areas will continue to be sanitized before + after shopping appointments.

~ maximum 5 people allowed in the store at once.

~ we will continue to wash + sanitize our hands frequently throughout the day.


Of course, if you aren't feeling well, please re-book your private shopping appointment or opt for your order to be shipped instead of coming to pick it up.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support as we slowly and safely transition to more of a normal way of life again!!


~ Meghan + the VFT Team xo

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