Stand Up For Your Sisters Crewneck Sweater


REIGN + GLORY is so proud to collaborate with I LIKE HER STYLE VANCOUVER on our joint STAND UP FOR YOUR SISTERS Campaign targeted at combating bullying.

This piece was born after Kaitlyn, the 12 year old daughter of our Co-founder @kylagetty, was targeted with cyber bullying this year from some classmates. Sadly, something that is all too common these days. A positive from the experience was some of the girls in her class reassuring her the comments made were not true, and they ‘stood up for their sister’! That sparked a wish within Kyla to celebrate that and ensure ‘sisters’ of all ages support one another, lift up instead of tear down! 💞

Fellow founder of ILHSV, life long best friend and Aunty to Kaitlyn, @jodybelanger, was 100% on board to use their platform to spread the message! The gals brainstormed ideal partners for a collab to send the message even louder, and immediately Mel + Nikki of REIGN + GLORY came to mind - sisters in line with their values and the ultimate #sistergang cut from the same cloth of their beliefs in this message! 💞

If you believe in this campaign, grab your sweater now.

Thank you so much for helping us take a stand against cyber bullying amongst all ages - time to stand up SISTER GANG!



Bamboo 70% | Organic Cotton 30% 

Washing Instructions:
Turn inside out to protect graphic. Wash on delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

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