Rosa High Waisted Legging


Our Legging is named after ROSA PARKS (1913-2005).

She influenced a movement in Alabama when one day she held steadfast to her beliefs + displayed bravery when she refused to move to the back of the bus due to segregation.

ROSA was arrested for not complying which subsequently led to the fundamental event of the civil rights movement: the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

For the following 381 days, 40,000 African-Americans in the state of Alabama walked, carpooled + taxied to work + school instead of taking the bus. A civil suit following the boycott ruled that Alabama's bus segregation laws were unconstitutional. ROSA rose to fame immediately, becoming a national hero + the face of the civil rights movement. But that didn't happen without a cost - she was fired from her job as a result + had to endure horrible death threats for the remainder of her life.

ROSA PARKS is one inspirational Sister who changed the world as we know it today. 

Like our Sister ROSA, our Leggings are a fundamental part of any closet. It's a starting base - one that can be improvised + styled in so many ways.  You'll feel comfort + quality. We all need a ROSA in our life!


Bamboo 67% | Organic Cotton 27% | Spandex 6%

Washing Instructions:
Wash + dry on delicate cycle

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