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We changed it up a bit in this week’s episode. We amp up the dancing and decrease the talking, like, to nothing! Nada! Zilch! For two reasons: it was a noisy day at our trucker headquarters (think trucks in and out and power tools) and we also know a lot of you watch without sound so being able to not rely on sound seemed like a good way to go! This week we carry on the cozy trend, with some new and restocked cardigans, and we even give you some different colour options! Sweaters, camo, and the cutest dress, oh my!! And what do you think about that amazing Forest Floral Kimono?! I mean come onnnnnn!!!!! ❤️ We hope you like it! Give us your feedback. Do you like when we talk, don’t talk, or would something i in between be better? Let us know!!
Outfit #1

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